30 January 2008

Finger spinning in Australia

A conversation in the pub a couple of months ago turned to the lack of success of finger spinners in Australia. This conversation came just after the Sri Lanka series and Murali's lack of success (I know most people don't consider him a finger spinner these days). Thinking back its hard to rember any finger spinners taking large hauls on Australian soil. Vettori has had his moments, but not many. Going back further Peter Taylor and Tim May for Australia did OK without ever setting the world on fire, and I seem to remember reading about Ashley Mallett having a good season in the seventies. Talking to a few old timers it appears even Bishan Bedi found it difficult on Aussie soil.

Its an interesting one because without thinking too hard I can come up with a number of wrist spinners who did well on these shores: Warne, MacGill, Kumble, Mushtaq Ahmed and even part timers like Michael Bevan and Simon Katich (sadly not Brad Hogg).
I intend to do some statistical research on this phenomenon and will post soon with my findings.


Mark Davis said...

When you do your analysis don't forget Fred Titmus's 7-79 in January 1963. I heard it on a transistor radio in my prep school dormitory.(only 45 years ago!)

Ed said...

Just did a very rapid look at Australia's finger spinners in the latest series. Between them Symonds and Clarke bowled 129.5 overs and took 13 wickets. For two part time bowlers that's a pretty good return....1 wicket every 10 overs.

Mark Davis said...

............or John Emburey's 7-78 at Sydney in 1987