4 December 2009

India at number 1

If, as looks extremely likely, India take the number 1 spot in the Test rankings then good luck to them - I completely disagree with the article claiming that they aren't worthy of the number 1 spot in The Times. It's neither the Sri Lankan or Indian players fault that their boards don't organise more home Tests, and they have done well in the games they have played.

If you look at India's batting line up it's surely one of the best ever - 6 of the top 7 are or will be batting or all-rounder greats of the game, and Yuvraj Singh is hardly bad as the 7th. As always it seems that everyone is desperate for this group to retire but with all their elder batsman playing brilliantly, why wish the end of a truly amazing era?

And their bowling attack competes well given the dearth of decent bowling around the world at the moment, so there's no doubt they compete well there. Perhaps a bit of credit where credit's due Simon Wilde?

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