17 May 2010

Congratulations to England

For a moment I feared that Stuart Broad's drop would prove costly, but in the end England cruised to victory with 3 overs to spare. It's great that England have finally broken their duck in world cricket events and let's hope that this is the first of a few (many seems a bit ambitious!).

A couple of things that made me feel a little bit less deliriously happy than I should have been after beating the Aussies in a final(!):

- there were no video replays which meant that Haddin got a shocker of a decision and Keiswetter survived an out LBW shout for the second game running (he was also plumb during his innings v Sri Lanka too). I don't understand why you wouldn't use technology when it's definitely available as all the TV viewers see it?!

- Stuart Broad's "for f*cks sake" shout that was clearly audible from the stump microphone on the last ball of the Australian innings. Luke Wright had already run out David Hussey from long on and he happened to slightly fumble it meaning that the chance of a run out was lost. But Luke Wright is a miles better fielder than Broad who had already made a potentially match-losing howler, so what right does he have to shout abuse at Wright?

- (with apologies to all football supporters) this isn't football - punch the air, hug each other by the side of the pitch when you win, but did we really need to charge onto the pitch to celebrate, ignoring the Aussies initially. The team did at least break up to shake the hands of the opposition eventually, but shouldn't that come first?

- the TV coverage on terrestrial TV was equivalent to Oxford United getting promoted from the Four Square Premier League into Division 2 of the Football League. Enough said.

Now back to a couple of weeks of 4 day cricket before it's 5 weeks of Twenty20 here in England. Just as well I didn't take that much interest in the IPL or I'd have already reached Twenty20 saturation point....

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Aussie Dave said...

Well played England. Didn't get to see the match, it was on at 1:30 am here, so I haven't seen the Broad incident but he seems to be making the petulant outbursts a bit of a habit. Seems like he needs to grow up a bit.