12 November 2010

W T F ?

Iain O'Brien appeal turned down
ECB today confirmed that the decision of the ECB Board to refuse the application made by Middlesex County Cricket Club to register Iain O’Brien as a Qualified Cricketer was upheld by an independent Appeal Panel.
The Panel comprised Mr David Casement QC (Chairman, nominated by Sport Resolutions UK), Mr David Acfield (ECB Chairman’s nomination) and Mr Matthew Wheeler (PCA nomination). Any application for Mr O’Brien to be registered as an Unqualified Cricketer is unaffected by this decision. ECB will make no further comment

I think it might be something to do with whether he can play for Middlesex but does it mean he can or that he can't?

Also pleased to note that the decision doesn't affect his application for registration as an Unqualified Cricketer !