29 December 2011

My new hero suffers

So Ed Cowan comes into the Test side at last and is given out caught behind when he didn't hit it and LBW when ball-tracker showed that it was missing. I expect he's wondering why he bothered.

On the other hand Hussey (three times) and Ponting (once) survived because the umpires review system was not available - a major contribution to Australia's win.
Statistics are supposed to show that use of the review system increases accuracy of decisions from 95% to 97% - how they prove that I've no idea but Cowan's experience seems to be a fairly strong contra. But India don't want to use it because it's not perfect (I can't think of anything that is) and so it's not used in their Test matches. But there seems to me to be no reason why you shouldn't allow their opponents access to it even if India don't have such access in the same match and I bet that would bring them round quickly.

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Ed said...

Why is Ed Cowan your hero?

I like the idea of India not using the UDRS and other sides using it against them....good luck to whoever tries to make that happen though!

Was Cowan's LBW really missing - I only saw a real-time replay but I didn't think there was much doubt on line....was it going over?

I was watching when Ponting and Hussey were building their partnership and there was certainly one that pitched middle and leg and was hitting on the same line, which wasn't given. Hussey would point to things evening out after he was given out caught behind when he didn't touch it in the first innings.

But the sooner the review system is sorted out the better. And without players having to appeal to use it....just as the norm whenever the umpire wants to use it.

Mark Davis said...

Yes - reviewe when the umpires want it only.

As for Cowan being my hero you need to look at my earlier post on Christmas day

Pete V said...

I've no evidence, but I'm guessing that the reason that India don't want it is that a few of their senior players (or maybe just one) have worked out that umpires are probably less likely to give them out on the 50/50 decisions, and to generally give decisions India's way, particularly during home tests.
And as we know, if a little master wants his way, he's going to get it!

Christopher Poshin David said...

The BCCI's stance against the DRS is childish and really stupid with no valid reasons. As an Indian fan i'd take those 'free' dismissals but its not good for the game and you need uniformity. Hope something about this is done in 2012.

Happy new year and just want to let you know that my blog has changed address. It is now 'The Wicket Post' at http://www.thewicketpost.com/ . Do note the change and update your links and blogrolls. Thank you.