27 January 2012

Way ahead of themselves on TMS

Blofeld and Boycott's commentary is verging on the ridiculous. Pakistan are only 4 down and have 2 specialist batsmen in....they only need a lead of 100 to have a reasonable chance. As they're professional commentators they've watched England implode against spin in the sub-continent before, but they seem to have conveniently forgotten England's past history. This match isn't the foregone conclusion Blofeld and Boycott would have you believe.

England are doing brilliantly but there's a long way to go yet. Fingers crossed.

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Mark Davis said...

Boycott's first comment this morning was to the effect that England will certainly win. Thought he was supposed to be an expert !

Mark Davis said...

But I wish he had been right !

Mark Davis said...

And it makes you wonder what he said as captain of England in New Zealand in 1978 when they set off to chase 137 (but didn't get halfway before being dismissed)