1 February 2012

Where is Samit Patel?

When the England squad was announced for the Pakistan series I commented on one of the many cricket sites that I read that I would have taken Samit Patel, either instead of Bopara or a pace bowler, giving England the opportunity to match Pakistan's 3 spinners if they wanted to. With speculation mounting that Morgan will be dropped, it seems Bopara is near certain to play but talented though he is, I don't feel any more confident in him than Morgan. Personally I'd stick with Morgan and tell him to look to be aggressive. It looks like they might both play now anyway, as Bell is ill.

Interesting that most of the pieces that refer to Morgan being likely to be dropped use Pietersen as the headline when surely the headline should be about Morgan? This piece on Cricinfo is an example - titled Pietersen low on runs and time...then suggesting Morgan will be dropped and Pietersen won't. Pietersen pulls in reader interest like no other clearly.

It will be interesting to see how England's batting line up, sans Samit Patel, fares - I can't say I'm feeling confident!

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