7 July 2012

Great morning for the pedant

Excellent evening at The Oval watching one of our own see us home against the southerners but confusing if you read the report in The Times this morning. The trick is read Surrey for Middlesex and Middlesex for Surrey and you just have to imagine that they've introduced a very wise new law where run outs get credited to the bowler.

Then we had to listen to a clear non-cricketer talking about getting swing out of a  pitch and then we saw the famous Kasprowicz catch - yes his hand was off the bat but I think that it was his right hand off the bat but that the ball hit his left hand. So justice was done, wasn't it ?

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Ed said...

To be clear for readers, you're refering the the fact that Ollie Wilkin, an OMT, helped Middlesex beat Surrey in the Twenty20 yesterday!

Ed said...

Wish he could have reproduced some of that in this game!

Jez said...

Nice explanation Ed, was struggling to follow. Good story though