14 February 2008

BCCI plan to end sledging

Perhaps I'm being a bit over-sensitive, but have the BCCI lost their mind? If this report is correct, they intend to propose that the ICC stop all sledging. How exactly do they expect anyone to differentiate between banter and sledging? Are we going to have to have every player miked up? Or complete silence on the pitch?

Apparently this brainwave came about after the Sydney debacle, and readers of Cricket Burble will know my views on that. There are cultural differences apparently creating issues for match referees when it comes to interpretation of potential offences - doesn't that suggest that the regulations need tightening up, rather than we try to do something impossible - ban "sledging" - however the word is defined?

Some of the most famous cricketing tales come from those comments made by players designed to get one over their opponent psychologically - long may it continue.

As an aside, one of my (admittedly poor) "sledges" came back to haunt me a few years ago - with a large batsman having blocked about 20 balls, I suggested that this would be "the longest duck ever". The next ball went for six and he scored 90 not out to win them the game....


Aussie Dave said...

I agree with you Ed. Quite frankly this is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. It would be completely unenforceable.

At the risk of sounding like a boorish Australian, I think we are all getting a bit precious about this whole issue. What is wrong with a bit of sledging. I agree there is a line that players should not cross, and they all know where that line is. Occasionally the line is crossed, and in such cases the player should be punished if it is heard by the umpires or picked up on a stump mike.

Sledging has been around since the day dot and anyone who thinks it did not exist in earlier eras are living in a fantasy world.

Mark Davis said...

Another way to embarass yourself is to get your team out of the tea room as I did once and into the changing room where I gave them an almighty ricking (surprised myself too) for a woeful fielding and bowling display. I also told them that we were much better than the oppo. and should be ashamed of ourselves if we didn't win by several wickets.
20 minutes later we were 0-6 !
We recovered to about 80 all out but still came second by a street.

Ed said...

I wouldn't want to be on the end of a "ricking"....