9 February 2008

England do it again...

Only a couple of days ago I posted about how refeshing it was that England followed up a convincing Twenty20 victory with another convincing Twenty20 victory - all too often, one good result seems to be followed by a bad one. So, as an England supporter it doesn't come as much surprise that we imploded once again in the 1st ODI.

There seem to be a few comments floating around about England's selection, but I have no grumbles with it. Cook walks straight in for ODIs and Wright seems the obvious person to make way for him. Bopara has proved that he's a level-headed player to come in at 7, able to score quickly when required, or steady the ship as necessary, although he wasn't able to do that today. Mascarenas had to make way for Bopara and can certainly consider himself unlucky, and I'm sure England will be considering options for the number 7 position for the 2nd ODI, although I'd personally like to see them stick with Bopara. If they aren't going to use the number 7 to bowl, then it's more likely a choice between Wright and Bopara, if they want a bowler then it's a choice between Mascarenas and Bopara.

Looking at how the wickets fell there were a couple of guys who chopped onto the stumps, and 3 run outs, so there's no reason to panic in terms of selection - the same team just needs to play better!

You can see the disasterous scorecard here.

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