7 January 2010

England's possible heros

No, I'm not suggesting they can win it after the last hour yesterday (although before that I was thinking that if they could get through the 2nd new ball only 4 wickets down or less, they had a decent chance).

No, now it's about dour defence. So I'm going for 3 key players, and sadly we'll know in the morning session how they're doing as they are the current pair, plus Collingwood. Yes, if Anderson can play out an hour or more of the morning session, I think it could have a big psychological impact on the game, and Trott and Collingwood are the key batsmen given the match situation.

An an Englishman, I have my fingers crossed but I can't say I'm hopeful!


Ed said...

Go Ian Bell! I haven't seen the way he got out yet though!

Peter Lamb said...

He edged a ball he needn't have played at, but it wasn't a reckless shot like the first innings.