10 June 2010

Brothers on opposing international sides?

There was much consternation from some quarters when England's top 3 were all of South African origin at the World Twenty20. But despite the fact that players seem to be able to switch countries with ease these days, cricket hasn't experienced - as far as I know - the crazy situation of two brothers playing on opposite international sides.

That's what happened in the recent Australia v Fiji rugby union match which Australia won easily. Campese Ma'Afu and Saesi Ma'Afu not only played on opposing sides but directly against each other as loose and tight head props. It can only be a matter of time before it happens in cricket presumably....

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Andrew said...

It could happen at this summer's world cup too - Kevin Prince Boateng is representing Ghana, whilst his brother Jerome is in the German squad. Their sides are in the same group, so they will line up against each other if they are selected.