27 June 2010

Fifa rejection of technology shown up as farcical

You heard it here first....back in March I talked about goal line technology being rejected by Fifa and how rediculous it was. I gave the example of a Lampard like shot being critical in the World Cup final - it was only the last 16 and it's unlikely that it was critical as England were outplayed, but nevertheless observers like the BBC seem already to be suggesting that FIFA can no longer resist the need for technology after Lampard's goal that wasn't. And Fifa must be having nightmares after their own General Secretary said back in March that he hoped their decision not to adopt goal line technology would not come back to haunt them in the World Cup.

Although Germany were much the better side, would England have left themselves as open at the back as they did for the 3rd German goal (by pushing so many forward for a corner) had they been 2-2 as they should have been if goal line technology had been used? We will never know thanks to Fifa's idiocy.

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Ed said...

Interesting. The first thing I woke up to this morning was "expert" comment on the BBC news saying that "Fifa needs to wake up and smell the technological roses".