3 May 2011

All's well in Dartmouth

You may recall that prior to a weeks visit I was very concerned that there appeared to be no cricket club there. Happy to report, however, a very happy picture. 8ish pubs have each got a team and they play in a Sunday 20/20 league on the local rec. with a game in the morning and one in the afternoon so that's 4 teams drinking together between and after games and clearly a lot of fun and practice sessions during mid week. It's also nice to see a pitch marking machine being walked along the street and a (very old - DF 405) bat used as a door stop in the best pub in town. I can also report that there's a shop where you can buy an MCC tie with no questions asked ! Doesn't the chief burbler's dad live nearby?

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Andrew said...

Did you get a game in?

Mark Davis said...

No Arrived too late to work out how it works

Peter Lamb said...

Yes, Mark, 30-40 miles away: Devon is a big county! When I was last in Dartmouth there was some cricket-type activity going on at the recreation ground, but it finished as I arrived and didn't appear to be very serious: now you say it was T-20 it confirms my view!