2 May 2011

Thank goodness for the IPL

No, I never thought I'd say that either...we talk about World Cups being too long, but the IPL seems to be never-ending. But with the Royal Wedding taking over everything on Friday, it was a relief to know that I could turn to ITV4 and watch a bit of the IPL.

It seems there is a cricketing/royal wedding connection though, albeit a tenuous one. Apparently the bride's sister Pippa is going out with Alex Loudon, the early-retired England one-cap wonder. Perhaps the Middleton's will be on the sideline for Old Etonian Cricketer Cup matches? This year OMTs find ourselves in the other side of the Cricketer Cup draw to Eton and Eton will do well to go far with Cranleigh in the first round, then probably Stowe, Radley and then regular finalists Tonbridge all to overcome if they're to reach the final.

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