16 May 2012

5 Arrested in IPL fixing sting

Why are we not surprised and how much does it really matter? These matches are now becoming predictable monotonous and inconsequential. In other words an ideal target for this sort of thing.The bigger question is how long will it all last ?
Another, much less interesting, question is 'how sad do you have to be to spot, as I did, two mathematical errors in scorecards in the weekend's Times ?'
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1 comment:

Ed said...

Very sad indeed of course!

Yes, the IPL is too long....which means the early matches are pretty inconsequential and, as you say, open to dodginess. It would be best for everyone in the long-term if it was reduced in length so that it's more sustainable.

But for players nearing retirement the longer the better because it justifies even greater pay, and for the BCCI thinking short-term, it generates more money for them.

As things stand, I fear it will fizzle out over the next 6-10 years.