11 May 2012

Best news for a very long time

The Sunday Times article seems to have evaded my cricketing / drinking cronies but it seems to me to be the best bit of cricket news for a long time. MCC have been working with Imperial College London ( from whom we have many friends) to create a system to monitor bowling actions during matches . Apparently it uses a couple of sensors fitted either side of the elbow joint and cameras. No longer, hopefully, will we have the nonsense of chuckers being tested in a laboratory and deemed satisfactory. Naming no names but you all know who I mean!
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1 comment:

Ed said...

Do they expect everyone to wear this? If not, I imagine it could be interesting to see who got approached and who didn't! Unlike with UDRS, I hope they test rigourously before they use it, and - if they do - get a proper rollout plan in place.