10 April 2013

No comparison

Looks exciting Germany v Botswana, last ball tie, but I think that the next time anyone suggests that England have too many foreign born players it might be worth mentioning Bismark's descendants here:-
I'm available for any European country that wants to give me an international cap.
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Ed said...

Am I right in thinking there was an OMT who played for Argentina? Or am I mis-remembering?

Peter Lamb said...

I think Chris Hirst, a contemporary of mine and later headmaster of Kelly College and Sedburgh, may have played for Chile when working there in the early 70s. His Wikipedia entry refers to his one first class appearance for a strong Cambridge University side against Middlesex (including Harry Latchman) and a number of Minor Counties games for Bucks., and also mentions that his early career with Bank of London and South America took him to Chile, but doesn't refer to any cricket there. Does Wisden cover Chile?

Ed said...

Don't know if Wisden covers Chile to be honest - not sure I'd fancy the job of wading through them to check!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Tony Fordyce paying for and possibly captaining Japan

Peter Lamb said...

I hope that Tony played for Japan, rather than paying for it!
Come to think of it, more recently didn't Nick Boxall play for Singapore?