17 April 2008

2 to go for Ramps

It can't have escaped the notice of cricket fans that Mark Ramprakash has made first class century number 98 yesterday against Lancashire. This month's Wisden Cricketer talks about Ramprakash's quest for 100 and goes through the 97 he had to his name prior to yesterday. Luke Sutton must be feeling pretty small today having dropped Ramprakash on 0 - luck plays a part everywhere and never will I let Cricket Burble readers forget it!!

Apparently you can get odds of 100-1 on Ramps making his hundredth hundred for England - it's a romantic notion but I can't see it myself, much as it would be great to see him in England shirt in the short-term. But the question now has to be, how many London workers will rush down to The Oval if he makes his hundredth hundred at home late one afternoon? I know I'd be tempted but I wonder if my employers read this blog!?


Nick Blyth said...

Ramps after scratchy beginnings really looked at his best yesterday. It was a fast chance of Newby and hit the boards before anyone knew what had happened. Apparently he did this twice v Lancs last year and got a century in both knocks. I rightly recalled whilst on 98 that this would be his 3rd successive championship hundred v Lancs at the Oval.....some sort of a record ? I would love to see him play for England and prove all his doubters wrong who say he is not up to it and look at his average blah blah blah. On the other hand being a Surrey fan I will gladly keep hold of him for the rest of this season. Nearest thing to Bradman the game has now ? certainly at county level.

Anonymous said...

Yes we do read your blog. No you can't go - get some work done!