18 April 2008

McCullum goes nuts

Brendan McCullum seems to have won the 1st IPL match single-handedly for Kolkata - although Bangalore still have to bat! The text commentary for the last ball says it all:

"Last ball ... what can he do?
19.6 Kumar to McCullum, SIX"

McCullum finished with 158 not out off 73 balls as Kolkata made 222 for 3 off their 20 overs - you can see the scorecard here.

The IPL organisers will no doubt be hoping that Bangalore put up a decent fight - I guess if Bangalore manage to win it will be the perfect start to get the global media and public interested....


Ed said...

I'm not sure 38 for 5 is quite what Bangalore needed chasing 222.

Anonymous said...

Watching McCullum bat was pretty sensational, as far as I remember it was chanceless. I think it will be interesting to see if he can do it again or whether he has nothing left.

I did notice that he failed to keep wicket after his innings - surely professional cricketers are fit enough to bat for 20 overs and keep wicket.

Ed said...

you would have thought so wouldn't you....and I would have thought fielding somewhere else could mean more chasing, although clearly not as much bending etc.

Don't think we can really knock him after that innings though!