1 April 2008

Properly important question

Just checked Middlesex's website (I'm a member) - we've lost Ashley Noffke and Friedel de Wet (heard of him?) as overseas players.

So we've replaced them with Dirk Nannes and Vernon Philander. Who? Former - the veteran of 9 First Class games (including bowling in a 900-6 innings), the latter an all rounder who on 4 March (28 days ago) was pulled out of a South Africa tour with a hamstring problem.

Now I'm sure that they're both splendid cricketers and fine ambassadors but is this what overseas players are supposed to be about? I know there's a shortage of top class players with ICL and IPL but when do I get my call up? Thank heavens for Murali Kartik.


Ed said...

Philander's stats don't look that bad but then he's only played 5 ODIs so it's difficult to tell!

I wonder why Nannes was the grand old age of 29 when he made his 1st class debut?

Ed said...

And I see that Nannes has got Michael Clarke out - not a bad scalp....