4 March 2008

A 2nd question for sports quiz goers

Last week a couple of Cricket Burble readers quickly answered the question asking who had taken a Test wicket in 2008 with a ball that bounced twice - the answer (of course!) was Mohammad Ashraful of Bangladesh. So here's a second question for all the know it alls out there which I think is a bit harder than that first one.

Which two players have scored a Test match 50 within the first 10 overs of the match?

Give your answers by clicking on comments below if you know one or both of the answers. Or come back in 24 hours to find out the answer!


Anonymous said...

Two fast 50s by openers were scored by Shahid Afridi and Sanath Jayasuriya. Unfortunately neither was in the first innings of the match ... Stumped otherwise.


Anonymous said...

sanath jayasuria, adam gilchrist

Anonymous said...

matthew hayden ans sanath jayasuria