14 March 2008

Bowlers suffer again

As most readers will know I see the world of cricket mostly from the point of view of those who start the whole process by propelling the crimson rambler towards the hugely protected ones with their enormous treetrunks. It's just occured to me that it's odd that when, as in the First Test, the batting and bowling are both poor the solution is to drop two bowlers and leave the batting alone.

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Ed said...

I think all players need to be allowed to have the odd bad game without fearing for their place. And they should be given an extended period to prove their worth when they first come into the side - Bopara being a classic example as he played 3 tests and batted 5 times before being discarded having been run out in one innings and got one wrong decision.

Irrespective of Anderson taking 5 wickets in the innings yesterday, it was still the wrong decision to drop Hoggard.