18 February 2013

Right timing

Not the worst part of the Women's World Cup was the TMS commentary that went with it and in particular the quirky Charles Dagnall. Obviously desperately keen on the sport, funny, knowledgeable and with an attitude and vocabulary that would seem at home in dressing rooms from very minor club third XIs to county level I think he'd be ideal for the gaps that already sadly exist in the main TMS team or the additional gaps that I'd create - surely we've had enough of Blowers, haven't we ?
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13 February 2013

I was there

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Just like those cardboard beer carriers

 It's the simple ideas that make people fortunes and you always think " why didn't I think of that ?". Those cardboard thingys for carrying 4 beer plastics at a time are brilliant, simple and a great advertising opportunity but you always wonder....................
Now there's a website https://extracover.cc/  which finds you players when you're short or a match when you haven't made the cut. Brilliant ! But why didn't I think of it?
It would also mean that a famous slow left arm bowler of senior years known to many of us now has a reason to become computer-literate. He might never retire !
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6 February 2013

County players not allowed to practice in India


Interesting to see this piece saying that the BCCI don't want County players practicing in India.   At first glance it seems very over-controlling but we do always have the debate every Ashes summer in England about whether Australian batsmen should be allowed to play for Counties in the early season to get used to conditions.
India's loss of tourism/income will be Sri Lanka's gain by the sounds of it, as Yorkshire are going there instead.   The BCCI won't worry about that as they're rolling in cash (and I assume it wouldn't be their income anyway, although I wouldn't put it past them to charge hotels etc commission on international cricket team visits), but they may might have slightly less to roll in when the Indian tax authorities catch up with them.

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