28 May 2015

Always learn when playing with your betters

 Kent Village Cricket League sounds pretty, well Village actually but not so. Most clubs have a County II or Academy player or two and certainly the game I played the Sunday before last was the highest standard I've played in for a bit ( did OK, thanks but probably should have been taken off when the slog was on, but you get an extra point if you bowl the oppo out).
You could tell the standard was high when our two openers ( Kent CCC fringes and Northants Premier League) were bowling........... at the fifth stump to cries of " good line". Players at our usual level know that you've got to hit one of the first three stumps ! 
Then the standard slipped............ Of course well coached players have text book leave alones or pad ups and following an immaculate ( bat miles away) kick away of a ball way outside leg stump the ( league supplied) umpire said " do that again and I'll give you out" - brilliant !
Really pretty grounds too - hop fields on three sides.
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