3 March 2014

Got the name wrong again

 Some time ago I was banging on about how Saracens was an inappropriate name for any County team but probably more so for Middlesex with its cosmopolitan following and it took some time before the penny dropped and the T20 side became Panthers with a ridiculous looking logo.
Now Kent, formerly The Kingdom of Kent, land of my fathers ( and mothers etc.), is a very proud county William the Bastard ( we don't call him The Conqueror, because he wasn't and didn't) had to go round the county to get to London through the puny South Saxons and we added the word Invicta, meaning unbeaten, to the White Horse. The good marketing people of KCCC have clearly missed this and so the T20 mascot this year is to be called Victa, meaning beaten. Brilliant ! 
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