25 March 2015

Why Surrey ?

If KP wants to get back into the Test Team by scoring shed-loads of runs he's obviously wise to face 2nd Division attacks. But wouldn't it have been a truer trial to play in the First Division? Don't forget his stats were starting to fall away as quickly as his sense of decorum.
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4 March 2015

What recreational cricketers can learn from this World Cup.............

 Is the pointlessness of limited over games between mis-matched sides.
What is the point of Afghanistan trying to "chase" Australia's 417/6, Ireland or The West Indies "chasing"  South Africa's 411/4 or  408/5 ? Even England "chasing" Australia's 342/9 ? All of these games were lost before the first innings was over. Best tactic for the team batting second is to go to the pub, and it's often even more true when the strong side has fielded first.
I once played in a pre season friendly that should not have been arranged - our opposition "gave" us 200 runs to add to the real 40 odd all out (MHD 0*, obviously) to get some batting practise. Ridiculous. Do not retain.
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Balancing act...

Love this headline....!!   I hope Ballance doesn't become another victim of mismanagement by the England selectors/hierarchy and keeps up his stellar Test form when they next play the longer form.

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