10 October 2010

Ashes defection may hurt England (a little bit!)

I imagine that England will ensure that they use contracts that don't allow coaches to coach other national sides in the next series England play against them, following the attempt by one of England's batting coaches, Dene Hills, to help Australia in their attempts to win back The Ashes. It may put some off coaching England at all, but they'll need to weigh it up and decide on the best policy.

Having said that, the technical flaws the England players have are all well known so I can't see that there will be much of a practical advantage from Hills helping the Australians, but it will be a little unsettling for the England batsman nonetheless.

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Pete V said...

Cooley might have been a loss, but Fletcher and vaughan might be a bit miffed at the last paragraph!

"Cooley, who masterminded England's reverse spin-inspired victory over Australia in 2005, proceeded to turn the tables on his former employers, coaching Ponting's bowlers to a 5-0 whitewash revenge in 2006-07."