22 April 2011

Bad luck for residents of Dartmouth

Off to spend a week in Dartmouth so do all the checking on the internet - pubs, pub quizzes, places to visit etc. Then you think 'wonder if I can watch some cricket?' Extraordinary - Dartmouth, population 5,512 has no cricket club! Having been raised in the rus and suburbs of the home counties it never occurred to me that such a prominent town wouldn't or couldn't have a cricket club.
Rugby Club yes as many burble readers know and soccer yes ( sine qua non) but no cricket club. It doesn't bear thinking about. There is something called The Dart and District Cricket Club but that seems to be a league of pub teams - better than nothing ; in fact better than most things. Oh and there's Dartmouth College Cricket Club, but that's in America.
I think I'll have to concentrate on drinking (closer to my skill level, anway)

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