2 July 2012

Strange weekend

A complete TFC on Saturday in a 220+ run win following a decent contribution to a ten wicket win on Thursday but the best bits were on Saturday which started late because an official of our league chose to interview the already late oppo skipper before the game.
It was one of those noisy fielding sides full of inane football type statement of the bleeding obvious teams ( one of the opening batsmen admitted to me that he'd expected it so had taken a nurofen before he went in to bat). I'm umpiring - big appeal for LBW from the whole team ( including deep square and extra cover - I hate that but it may be an age thing). 'Not out'. Team instantly and politely silent but at the end of the over the bowler, again politely, queries it ' because it pitched outside leg and wasn't going to hit'. Accepted perfectly.

Next over he decides to go round the wicket and ' Umpire, would you mind moving please..............................to your left ? ! '
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Jez said...

Looking at the scorecard, clearly the oppo disintegrated after you turning down their early appeal!

Ed said...

Is a "complete TFC" when you don't field the ball either?

Mark Davis said...

Don't remember fielding anything but I do rememnber being disappointed when the 5 penalty runs ( ball hit keeper's face mask)was overtaken as leading run scorer