29 October 2012

Off to India !

Excellent evening at a non-favourite playing ground for TVCL annual dinner and for no reason that I can think of found myself on the top table with Geoff Miller ( his blog today is saying that for no reason that he can think of he found himself listening to the wisdom of Mark Davis). His reputation as an after dinner speaker is high and he didn't disappoint - and he's pretty good as a during dinner speaker too.
As a consquence I can now tell you that KP's 're-integration' was thorough and that he'll score a shed load of runs in India.
And in my dreams I'm off out there too - we agreed that turning a cricket ball was an unnecessary refinement and that it is all an illusion ( how many times have I had that conversation!). All in good hands with his mate Ashley Giles in the same camp.
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