4 January 2013

Mixed feelings watching Australia bat

It's confusing watching Australia bat with book-hero Ed Cowan opening with  Middlesex-heroes Hughes and Warner but there wil be no second thoughts when it comes to the summer and The Ashes. Can Australia find another opener begining with Co..... to make a complete set with Cook and Compton, assuming that Cowan's running between the wickets hasn't cost him his place? Would he be the first batsman dropped from a Test side for that failing?
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Ed said...

Would you settle for Khawaja?!

Ed said...

Or perhaps you might settle for the WAs - Warner and Watson - versus the COs?

I don't think Australia are in a position to drop people for run outs given the glut of them they've had lately. Even the skipper ran out Mike Hussey in his final Test. But they might drop Cowan for not batting well enough!

idw said...

Must be very confusing watching Cowan, Hughes and Warner open... or has Cowan taken a runner out with him ?!