12 June 2013

Those dodgy cheerleaders

Watching the Champions Trophy I couldn't help but hear, even when not in the ground, that there was a guy on a loud speaker who ever 5 overs or so told the crowd the team score and the not out batsmen's score.   Totally unnecessary and very annoying if you ask me, but it seems that having some idiot on the loud speaker has crept from Twenty20 into the one day game.
Satisfying then to hear that another totally out of place piece of "entertainment" is proposed to be stopped at the IPL, if for all the wrong reasons.   Jagmohan Dalmiya has proposed that cheerleaders are eradicated as part of the clamp down on sleeze and corruption at the IPL.   I hope it comes to pass, even though I can't see it having any impact on corruption!   Looking down Dalmiya's widely reported 12 point list, it begs the question why many of them (moving away from the cheerleaders for a moment) weren't in place from day 1, given the game of cricket's troubles with corruption all over the world.   
I trust that all domestic competitions around the world have taken all the relevant steps to ensure there is a minimum realistic chance of corruption, but perhaps I've been massively over-optimistic!

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Peter Lamb said...

Watching on tv today, not only are there the irritating announcements to which you refer, they're followed by a din in the form of some sort of pop "music" played so loud that the effects microphone completely overwhelms the commentators' voices: admittedly for some commentators this may be regarded as a good thing, but I think on balance I'd rather do without the cacophony. (Written while Bopara was taking 28 off the 50th over - best to let the cricket do the talking!)

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