8 January 2014

Getting better !

It almost feels comfortable to be reading again about England batting collapses but, of course, there was improvement during the series. We got within 281 of them last time, which is a better by precisely 100 on the first attempt. Or was that just the dead rubber effect? I said it was a good tour for Compton, Onions and Robson.
"We have to accept the fact that they are better " said The Chairman of Selectors. " I don't think that I have ever seen a team in any sport seek out to destroy another with such deliberate intent. There was a cold brutal anger about the way Australia went into this series. Revenge is too poor a word." said Simon Barnes in The Times....................also in 2006/7.

Incidentally we lost this time by a total of 1,030 runs and 8 wickets , as opposed to 582 runs and 26 wickets 7 years ago.

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1 comment:

Ed said...

I don't know which is worse? How do you equate the value of more runs in one series v more wickets in another? This one definitely felt worse because we expected to compete well...in 06/07 I expected us to lose!