11 March 2008

Mascarenas joins IPL

Hampshire have been pragmatic and allowed Dimitri Mascarenas to join the IPL. I wonder if one of the results of the IPL will be that the ECB need to contract more players - they may feel that someone like Mascarenas is ok not to be contracted, but the likes of Stuart Broad or Graeme Swann who are fringe Test players may be a different matter?


Viswanathan said...

You mean more players should be offered the central contracts?

It will not work as a buffer against IPL.

Take the case of the Australian players - it has not prevented them from signing up.

Ed said...

yes - my (admittedly unproven) assumption was that centrally contracted players won't consider outside opportunities, where as players like Mascarenas who aren't centrally contracted listen to other offers. I suspect you may be right and money will talk either way!