7 March 2008

Vaughan has problems familiar to Fourth XI captains

Much has been made about the ability of tail enders to score runs which is now essential to Test Cricket and how, unless a nightwatchman is used (why?), England's tail starts at 8.

Much less has been made of the fact that without Broad and Anderson in the team there are 4-5 who are not the speadiest about the field (although great triers).
How do you hide as many fielders as that in a side ?


Ed said...

I hope you're right that England's tail starts at 8 - I've got a feeling that over time we'll come to think of it starting at 7 unless Flintoff comes back as Ambrose isn't going to average 35plus - I hope I'm wrong. We need Flintoff at 7 and one of the many keepers at 8.

Who do you feel we need to hide? Vaughan himself, Harmison, Panesar and Hoggard? 3 out of 11 isn't bad as they go fine leg, mid on and mid off, it's the 4th that creates a bit of an issue. When Broad comes in for Harmison the batting will be stronger and the fielding slightly better.

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