6 November 2009


With the sad demise of David Shepherd there has been much in the press about Nelson and why it's called that - we all know.
But I've never seen any explanation about why it's unlucky beyond my own theory that it looks like 3 stumps without bails and that's clearly unlucky for the batting side - and, as we all know, it's a game for batsman.
I think, however there was a bit of ammunition for this theory in a letter to The Times today from a chap (must be quite old) who says that when he was doing hand writtem tenpin bowling scores he was taught to always put a hat on the digits if 111 because without it was unlucky. His 'hat' would have been a straight line - like bails .


Ed said...

You are so wise.

Now that Nelson thing....of course we all know. But could you just repeat it for the readers of Cricket Burble (not for me, honest)?

Mark Davis said...

One eye, one arm and one ambition (or a word beginning with a and ending with ole)