13 November 2009

Questions from the first P20 match

Why did so many S A fielders wear watches - why would they ever need to know the time?
What is that logo on their sleeves that looks like a flag or a giraffe's head ?
Why did the umpires miss so many no balls - overstepping (as opposed to their offspinners srilankan elbow) ?
Why did they use goalposts (Nasser said they'd been literally moved) ?
Why did the players need to waste time consulting D/L sheets when the par at the end of the next over is on the scoreboard ?


Ed said...

So many questions and so few answers! Is the "Giraffe's head" a Springbok by any chance?

Are the South African team sponsored by a watch manufacturer?

Why do people say literally when they don't mean it!

idw said...

I think the logo you are thinking of is the Central Bank - one of their major sponsors, but I can't find a logo to prove it. Hadn't noticed the watches. In both games there seemed to be quite a few no balls not spotted. As for D/L well, that's a South African speciality !

P.S. What is Mahmood doing anywhere near an England shirt ?

idw said...

I am reliably informed that the 'watches' are infact heart rate monitors, like all us pro's use Mark !