1 February 2010

Strange goings on in Oz for Pakistan

Even stranger than the loss from a seemingly impregnable position in the 2nd Test v Australia, was Pakistan's day yesterday where they lost by 2 wickets in the final ODI.

First Khalid Latif was rugby tackled by a spectator, and then Shahid Afridi took a bite out of the ball in a desperate attempt to get some movement as Australia closed in on victory! It's not the first lunatic piece of behaviour from Afridi - many England supporters will remember his 360 degree swivel on a length when there was a bomb scare during one of England's 2005 Tests in Pakistan. Given that it's not his first offence, he's got to be very satisfied with only a two Twenty20 match ban.

Just to add to their woes, the chief selector has resigned too, off the back of whitewash in Australia's favour in the Test and ODI series. And that comes 6 months after Abdul Qadir resigned as Chief Selector, who himself was only in the job 6 months. Pakistan cricket makes the Moores/Pietersen affair look like a trivial reshuffling of the pack! Given that they also had another Chief Selector resign in October 2008, they may do well to look at changes that need to be made at PCB level to avoid this continuing - they are now looking for their 5th Chief Selector since the 2007 World Cup!!

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