22 April 2010

Hampshire cricketing pubs

Poor old Michelle got taken round various Hampshire pubs on Sunday - most of them with a cricketing theme! Perhaps Cricket Burble can start to feature pubs with a cricketing theme in future....in between the superbly insightful cricketing comments! Here's a few photos...

The Bush Inn, Ovington - no cricketing theme - just nice!

On the wall at The Cricketers

Outside the Thomas Lord in West Meon (sounds like outer space!) with Allan

Broadhalfpenny Down were Broadhalfpenny Brigands CC play

Beautiful setting it is too...

The sign outside the Bat and Ball in Hambledon

Allan outside the pub

Me next to the Hambledon Cricket Club monument.

All pubs well worth a visit if you're in the area - superb....

1 comment:

Yewtree said...

I have a photo of myself standing next to that monument :)

Family legend always claimed that we were related to Edward "Cuddy" Aburrow and Edward "Curry" Aburrow of the Hambledon Cricket Club.

Yvonne Aburrow