23 April 2010

IPL stats

For those of you following it, here's the Cricinfo IPL stat summary of how teams have fared over by over in the IPL. For me, it's finally some meaningful cricket following weeks of reading about relatively meaningless group games. Pity the bit that really matters is so short, and the group stages seem to go on for an eternity.

Yesterday I wanted to try and catch a bit of the semi on YouTube. It's not quite as simple as typing in YouTube.com and searching for IPL it seems!


. said...


Not too difficult ;-)

GROV said...

Not sure that many will agree with me but, apart from money, I cannot see any point to the IPL. Lots of contrived teams that I have never heard of playing against others that I have never heard of... and what does it matter?

Peter Lamb said...

Agree with you completely GROV, plus it's Twenty-20, not proper cricket!

Mark Davis said...

Not quite I think Twenty-20 is a great spectacle. My problem is that there's too much of it and it doesn't matter who wins if it's artificial teams. I think it's like a plant that has grown too fast and will soon shrivel. Hopefully it shrivels to something of good size rather than dieing.

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