17 June 2012

Bell was out

I'll never feel comfortable with batsmen that don't walk.   Bell admits he was out on 23 yesterday....surely he'll be thinking about that whenever he remembers that innings and it must mean less than a "proper" century.   I wonder how many of the other England batsmen would have gone on to a hundred if they'd been allowed to bat twice?
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Peter Lamb said...

Although it wasn't officially referred to DRS, the unofficial version of Hotspot shown on Sky did not reveal a mark. So how reliable is it? I've always preferred Snicko, but that's apparently out of favour because of the delay in formulating it. Does it really matter whether the delay on a DRS referral is 30 seconds or 2 minutes, if the former produces say 90% accuracy and the latter 99%?

Ed said...

Agreed. I'm sure snicko could be sped up with some money too, so they need to get it sorted out. But so far the ICC have not spent on the development of any of the tools to help increase the number of correct decisions I don't think (happy to be corrected) - they've relied on the broadcasters.