10 June 2012

England's ODI side

Watching Cricket Writers on TV with gritted teeth given that Michael Henderson's on it.   Not someone who's views I agree with or who's consiliatory enough to share a pint with.   He seems to think there is only his view!

They've been discussing England's ODI line up in the absence of their most talented batsman.   Personally I'd go for:

Bairstow (wk)

Also in the squad: Finn, Stokes, Buttler, Briggs.

I feel a bit sorry for Bopara getting shunted around the order again, but I think it's needed and he can be told he has until the next world cup there to make his mark.   I did consider Carberry opening and Bopara remaining at 4, but England will feel Carberry is a little old.   I'd have no problem if he played though and Bopara batted 4 rather than Bell - I'm not sure if England will feel that Bell has had enough chances and he'll get omitted, but they need a bit of experience in there.
Your thoughts?
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Ed said...

I'm not a Dernbach fan. I'd like to see Bairstow keep to really know if he can be an international keeper - I'm assuming England don't think so as they keep licking Kieswetter for ODIs despite a relatively mediocre record.

Peter Lamb said...

Buttler keeps wicket too, so there is another alternative if Kieswetter and Bairstow both fail to impress in this role.

Ed said...

Surprised they're going to use Bell as an opener (but pleased for Bopara so he can remain 4). Fingers crossed it works. Does Buttler ever keep given Kieswetter's around? Maybe England keep picking Kieswetter so that Buttler can get a chance to keep!!