30 April 2013

Australia squad


Australia's Ashes squad has widely been applauded as about as good as they could have selected.   I'd agree, although I think it raises a lot of questions about the selection policies of the last 2 years because they've gone for youth at every turn before having to go to Chris Rogers and back to Brad Haddin.   They would have been in a far better position if they'd gone for Rogers far earlier and not had their daliance with Wade, so their current selection would appear to be an admittal of previous failings.
Australia's seam bowlers are their strength and it's interesting to hear the various views.   Some even jokingly suggesting Australia pick 9 bowlers, plus Clarke and Haddin, given the batting weaknesses!   But it's interesting to see how little attention Jackson Bird is getting - if he's fully fit I think he's going to be a real handful in English conditions.
For a full overview on the Australian squad Cricinfo offered some interesting video discussion.

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Mark Davis said...

Don't want to be unduly pessimistic but 'worst side ever to leave Australia' sounds worryingly familiar. The first side I remember - Richie Benaud's also had that soubriquet and we know what they did. Not bad at 7-2 .