5 April 2013

Badgers delay season start for Rickmansworth CC


It seems unlikely that the season would have started on schedule anyway given the weather, but badgers have ensured that's the case at Rickmansworth Cricket Club, just down the road from where I used to play in Croxley Green!
I can only imagine the grumbling from the groundsman....

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Mark Davis said...

Knowing the ground I'm amazed the badgers ( named after a afvourite beer) didn't drown

Mark davis said...

More questions:
Why do you still read The Watford Observer ?
Why is the groundsman wearing an OMTCC sweater?
Why would cricketers kick-start a season ?

Ed said...

I don't...Andy Mizner does - i got it from him!

It's a fashionable accessory!


Andrew said...

One of those famous yellow and green OMT sweaters?

I can imagine how a certain grumpy Scottish groundsman would react.

Andrew said...

There was more news on this story today: