22 May 2014

And back...

OK, so after a (relatively) brief interlude caused by a combination of work and parenting, I'll be trying to get back to my previous levels of burbling.   So there's a quantity aim, but as anyone that's read Cricket Burble in the past will know, there's no guaranteeing quality.

It's tricky to read too much into England's selections for Twenty20 and ODIs so far.   A lot of people seem to have turned against Michael Carberry - or perhaps that's just the pieces I'm reading - but I'm not sure why.   I'm all for players being given an extended opportunity to show if they can be successful.   If they're not then by all means drop them.   Carberry's been in and out of the ODI team, had one chance at Twenty20 and was no failure at Test level while his more experienced colleagues were failing all around him.

Carberry haters will all be pleased to see that he's not selected in today's ODI.   But it remains to be seen if a top 4 of Cook, Bell, Ballance, Root will have enough quality, dynamism and sheer strength to match Sri Lanka's top 4.   I can't help feeling that England go in a little bottom heavy, given that 5-7 are Morgan, Buttler, Bopara.   I'd much rather see Bopara and Root swap in both Twenty20 and ODI cricket.   

In contrast, Sri Lanka's top 4 looks pretty daunting, but interesting to see that they've gone with 6 bowlers + Dilshan, and they still haven't included Ajantha Mendis.   I can't quite see the logic, but I'm sure it will become clear!

Prediction: Sri Lanka to win with 5 overs to spare by 5 wickets.

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