23 May 2014

Life in Kent

So we're starting to plan retirement which means finding a new cricket club (only for odd games until we actually move in a few years time). Would you go for the club that said "come to the nets and we'll have a look at you" or the one that said " have a pint, this is the Second XI skipper who you'll be playing for"?

No brainer, but interesting that the more upmarket club call themselves the Village.

First game in and the oppo. have two aged slow bowlers (one injured) - feels familiar and we win (great stumping to start my tally).

Second game and we've got a mismatch. All out 30 so the oppo who are very serious "give" us 190 runs so they need 221 in 40 overs and get them. I think they have batsman who practice a very flash leave in the mirror. I've never played handicap cricket before and we only saw two bowlers and 4 batsmen . Fortunately our skipper was shrewd enough to resist the heavy hints at the toss to insert them. But very pretty, as you see.

I think this is going to be fun and Kent Village Cricket League Division 7 starts next week.............

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