5 June 2014

Mankading and throwing

Interesting to note that the consensus (apart from Aggers and one player at my new club in Kent ) is that Buttler was more culpable than anybody else and that he brought the dismissal upon himself, despite warnings.
The identity of the mankader, of course, raises another issue about his action but that is not relevant to that dismissal.

The reason that he was in a cricket team at all, let alone an international one, is because of confusion that need not exist. It is said that it's difficult to judge whether an arm is bent at more or less than 15 degrees - nonsense! If you bend your arm at 90 degrees and then halve that angle to 45 degrees and then consider a third of that angle, you've almost got a straight arm. So, as before, if it looks bent it is bent and I would say that this particular character has an angle of close to 45 degrees. I don't see any opportunity for doubt or controversy - it's just obvious.

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