9 June 2014

Never before and same again

Yet another pretty new ground to play at in Kent. This time Frindsbury just off the A2. You wouldn't know it's there as the traffic thunders by but the ground is in a hollow so you don't hear it at all.

Another stumping, another batting collapse, another asterisk and another defeat but still good fun. Our tame brewer brought some really good samples (does that account for the batting?). The new experience was being part of a 5-5 fielding split until the skipper spotted that he was over-subscribed and took himself off - was he tempted by the samples?

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Mark Davis said...

The other newish experience was running four. Can't remember doing that before.

Ed said...

Was that one or two different over throws?!?

Mark Davis said...

No. Long boundary at 45 degrees behind square and fielders around the bat slow to chase. I have forgiven my partner ( whose runs they were).

Ed said...

I imagine you were in better shape after running 4 than I would be!