21 September 2014

Limited media careers

 I suppose it's because I used to drink with the secretary of The Institute of Journalists that I'm very aware of the occasionally acrimonious debate about the relative merits of ex-sportsmen and trained journalists as reporters and commentators ( some of course - Benaud, Agnew for example - are both) and there now seems to be a new debate.
This is about the criticism that newly retired players make of their recent colleagues. Clearly Swann has upset his old mate Jimmy Anderson and Vaughan's pop at Trott was just crass (and I expect he now regrets it).

Whilst I accept that to report on anything properly you need to be able to give criticism, my own view (limited  by being neither a trained writer or an ex-pro) is that Swann has a limited career in the media - once he's another year or so away from being able to give us insight from the players viewpoint he'll be struggling. And as for Vaughan, I'm hugely disappointed ; he seems to veer from the bleeding obvious to the " nothing is as good as Yorkshire" line. Perhaps he's after Boycott's title.
The answer is simple - Charlie Dagnall, no one could ever fault his enthusiasm.

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Ed said...

Agreed. Vaughan started so well but he's now over-confident and seems to just want to come up with sound bites the media will pick up on...much like Botham and Boycott.

I like Alison Mitchell and Charlie Dagnell (obviously Aggers goes without saying), but the two I like best (and this must say something about me) is Ed Smith and Mike Atherton. Thoughtful, accurate and definitely not sensationalist.

It was also a pleasure listening to Katherine Brunt in the women's test as she was so into the game - totally on edge at all times it seemed! It may not be for her but I'd certainly love to hear her give commentary a go once she hangs up the boots.

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